Landing Pages

_convert the visitors in clients quickly

A Landing Page quickly communicates the unique benefits, features and advantages of your product / service and then directs the customer to conversion / purchase.


We use several current resources and recent techniques to make the visitor of your Landing Page contact you, buy, subscribe and leave their data to be contacted later.

We can include Simulators, Conditional Logic, File Upload and many other resources in your forms to achieve your desired conversion goals.

We are sure that your business is unique and therefore you need a website personalized according to your needs. At DM7, no site is the same as the other, because we don’t use templates (ready-made projects).

If your site is not created with the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices, it may not appear on Google searches. We handle to manage your site well prepared so that problems like this don’t happen.

Any website that does not currently have an SSL Security Certificate is marked “Unsafe” by Google Chrome and other browsers. This harms your website visitor’s confidence in your business and discourages a possible purchase or subscription.

DM7 always installs Safety Certificates on its website or online store so that there is no damage.

In 2019, 49% of people in the world access the internet via mobile phone.

In order not to lose business, your site needs to adapt to the screen size of mobile phones (responsive site) automatically.

We create your website with the best responsiveness techniques so that your client has the best browsing experience possible.

Most people don’t have the time or patience to wait for a slow website to load. For your website to be successful it has to be fast. Otherwise, customers will look for another site.

DM7 uses the most current techniques and procediments for your website to take off!

We have ultra fast Cloud Servers to host your website and you can also use professional email accounts with the name of your website.

Example: [email protected]