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1. General Part

1.1 Privacy and Security

DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL is based on the guarantee of privacy and protection of the personal data of its Customers and Users and, thus, we try to ensure that they know the treatment of their personal data carried out by DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL, the rights that assist them under current legislation and the measures that are in place to ensure the security of such data.

Given the importance of privacy and confidentiality, DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL adopted the appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee its safety, including protection against its unauthorized or illicit treatment and against its loss, destruction or accidental damage.

Therefore, DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL drafted this Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate its respect for the legislation regarding the protection of personal data and the respect for the Rights of our Customers and Users.

2. Who is responsible for the treatment?

The person responsible for the treatment is DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL, registered in the National Register of Legal Persons under number 513966625, headquartered at RUA DA ARROÇADA DE CIMA 21 2250-045 CONSTÂÊNCIA, Portugal. Thus, DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL applied the technical and organizational measures conducive to ensuring that your personal data is subject to a lawful, fair and transparent treatment in relation to its Customers and Users; that they are collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and are not used in a manner incompatible with those purposes; they are adequate, relevant and limited to the minimum necessary for the pursuit of the purposes for which they are treated; preserved only for the period necessary to pursue the purposes for which they are treated; and treated in order to guarantee their integrity and confidentiality.


3. What are the purposes of the treatment?

The purposes of processing the personal data of Clients and Users are exclusively those for which DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL has obtained its free, full and unreserved consent and / or those indispensable for the execution of a contract executed between DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL and Customers or Users.


4. Who are the recipients of personal data?

The recipient of personal data is solely and exclusively DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL. It is the policy of DM7 DIGITAL AGENCY to only disclose information to third parties, in the following circumstances: due to legal requirement or judicial notification for this purpose; in the event of a request by a Supervisory Authority; following an express request by Customers or Users, in the exercise of their rights.

5. How long does DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL keep personal data?

Personal data will be kept for the period strictly necessary and appropriate for the purposes of processing.


6. What rights do customers and users have?

As an expression of the commitment regarding the guarantee of the privacy of its Customers and Users, DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL guarantees them, in accordance with the applicable national and community legislation, a wide range of rights:

-Right to Withdraw Consent: in cases where Clients and Users transmit their personal data to DM7 DIGITAL AGENCY and consent, freely and expressly, in their treatment for one or several purposes, they are entitled to, at any time, withdraw their consent previously provided, and DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL cannot continue processing such data from that moment on, unless it is legally or contractually obligated to do so.

-Right of Access: Customers and Users may, at any time, contact DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL and request confirmation that the personal data they hold are subject to treatment and, if so, to be informed regarding: ( i) the categories of personal data in question; (ii) the purposes of processing your data; (iii) the respective conservation period or criteria used to fix it; (iv) their rights and how to exercise them; (v) the source of the data concerning you; (vi) the existence of automated decisions, including the definition of profiles.

-Right of Rectification: whenever it is found that the personal data being processed is outdated, incomplete or incorrect, Customers and Users may request DM7 DIGITAL AGENCY to rectify it in the shortest possible time.

-Right to Erase: customers and users are guaranteed the right to request the deletion of their personal data, when exercising the Right to Withdraw Consent or at a later time, and DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL must proceed accordingly.

-Right to Limitation: in the event that Clients and Users do not request DM7 DIGITAL AGENCY to erase the personal data of which they are holders, but have an interest in the processing of such data from that moment, with the exception of conservation, depending on new consent, they may request you to DM7 DIGITAL AGENCY, at any time.

-Portability Law: Customers and Users are also entitled to: (i) receive from DM7 DIGITAL AGENCY personal data concerning them; (ii) to transmit this data to third parties outside DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL, under its exclusive responsibility; (iii) to request DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL to transmit that data, in the format indicated, to said third parties.

-Right of Complaint:  notwithstanding the fact that DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL follows the best practices with regard to the protection of personal data, the right to lodge a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission regarding the processing of data carried out by DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL, by any of the means permitted by said Supervisory Authority.


7. Legal restrictions on the exercise of Rights:

Without prejudice to the rights described above, DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL may not respect the exercise of these rights, in whole or in part, in the cases expressly provided for by law, namely: if personal data are necessary for the fulfillment of a contract in which the Client or the User is a party and that contract remains in force; in situations where the processing of data is necessary to comply with legal obligations or for the purpose of declaring, exercising or defending a right in a judicial process; following a request for data portability, directly from DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL to a third party, if such portability is technically impossible to operate; in the case of exercising the Right of Erasure or the Right of Opposition, in cases where the law does not oblige DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL to erase personal data or to cease its treatment.

8. Use of Cookies by DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL:

DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL may also collect information about Customers and Users using cookies, small text files that identify your computer device on our server. Cookies do not identify the individual user considered, but only the device used, not allowing personal data to be collected.
Cookies assist in the management and updating of website content, helping to understand how they are used, facilitating navigation, saving their preferences and continuously improving the experience of use by Customers and Users.

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9. Other Information:

DM7 AGÊNCIA DIGITAL may change or update this Privacy Policy in light of new legal or regulatory requirements, as well as following improvements in the quality of its services and development of its commitment to the protection of personal data.