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At a time when the pandemic situation in which we live has served to accelerate the perception that it is through digital that business is subsisting and thriving (fortunately covid 19 brought something useful … ), our services are consulted daily about the best way to have an online presence. If it is a fact that the level of maturity of each project varies significantly (queries arise that are clearly the “starting point” in the entrepreneur’s path and others that reveal a deep knowledge of the critical success factors of the business and the way these must be worked on to produce results), there are issues that are comun and that, at one time or another, run through the heads of decision-makers:


  • How to make a website?


The initial reflection should be: what is the purpose of my website? If the answer is to do business, promote a business or any other that aims to create wealth, it is essential to work with professionals. In addition to everything that can go wrong when trying to do the work of specialists, customers “feel” amateurism from miles away and get away from it at full speed. If you have a project for a real business, you must present yourself as a true expert!


  • What is the best platform to create my website?


Any professional with knowledge of digital reality will tell you that wordpress (platform used by more than 35% of the entire web) is the ideal option for all businesses, regardless of their size. As it is an open source project (collaborative model, developed by a community of partners) that favors permanent updates and improvements, it is the queen platform in terms of reliability and the breadth of possibilities. Crafted by wordpress experts who consider the entire business environment, it is the ideal solution to guarantee success throughout the consumer’s buying journey, from attracting the lead to closing the sale!


  • Do we hire a freelancer or agency?


Knowing that a business has to be structured in a medium-long term perspective, it is important to ensure that such an important partner remains at your side at every stage of the process. A good agency is able to offer you solid guarantees, however, to minimize the chance of unpleasant surprises, ask questions, ask for references, be attentive to reviews, demand that you be presented with a consistent portfolio, fertile in successful works but not only, also pay attention to the maintenance of long-term relationships that the agency maintains (or not) with customers because no one wants to feel abandoned halfway!


  • Should I use an existing template or design created from scratch?


This is a simple topic to explain: when you are preparing an important presentation for your business and the powerpoint or keynote suggests an existing layout do you use it? I suspect the answer is NO! In this case, the phenomenon is similar: If we want a robust, original website that is as exclusive as our business and our brand, we don’t use templates!


DM7 Outubro 2020

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