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Is it a nonsense to mention that we are approaching at a great speed the moment when, the overwhelming majority of organizations, will necessarily have a more or less accentuated technological arm?

It will probably not be an unreasonable statement considering the reality in which we all live due to the pandemic and the consequent radical paradigm shift.

Online orders, digital payments or home deliveries have definitely entered our routine as consumers, now more “sedentary” due to restrictions imposed across the world on freedom of movement. We travel less now, spend more time at home, work at the dining table, the family “participates” in our meetings and the challenges for companies have moved to a different level, where they create and promote dynamics adapted to reality and manage from distance they have to be skills of the leaders.

Therefore, new questions arose abruptly in the daily lives of organizations (regardless of their sector, their size, or their degree of preparation) that forced entrepreneurs to act in order to find a formula that would allow them to ensure business continuity.

The importance of having access to digital tools and competences (internally or through partners) that was once a unique need of technological companies, was clearly demonstrated and that is why working in an integrated manner with functions such as relational management with customers, stock management, billing, logistics and claims management, is of crucial importance and allows managers to effectively control the entire value chain.

The existence of this updated information and worked according to the most relevant parameters in each case, allows a broader view of the business, which will translate into a positive impact on the company’s performance through the resulting efficiency gains.

From platforms and web interfaces to institutional portals, online stores and marketplaces, through application architecture, a company specialized in web development that has the ability to integrate systems and ensure the intermediation of communication is clearly a strategic ally at this time of changes as it allows its client to systematize processes and respond to the imperatives of an increasingly global and competitive market. The role of technological partners is therefore “simple”: to ensure that all this is possible!

New challenges require, of course, immediate responses that are, as much as possible, within the reach of the entire business ecosystem that is so diverse and asymmetrical in nature.


DM7 Dezembro 2020


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