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The permanent confinements and the feeling that this reality can continue over time, accelerated the awareness of the importance that the use of the internet has in our lives.

Today, even the most reluctant to accept the evidence have realized that the internet can help ensure that food or medicine (for example) gets home without taking risks, that finances can be managed without physically going to the bank and that, so painfully frequent , is the only way to be “close” to family and friends.

The companies, regardless of their size and preparation, were “caught” in this context of high uncertainty and did their best to survive. Almost 12 months later, entrepreneurs, who know that the learning curve has necessarily been accelerated, now feel the consequences of the lack of planning and the real impact of actions taken without a strategic vision.

We are therefore frequently approached by clients who transmit situations in which they invested in poorly constructed campaigns (especially on Facebook, Instagram and Google) and in which the return was not as expected, further weakening the company’s financial situation and generating reputation problems, difficult to translate into numbers. The episodes that report to us and the questions that refer to us are many, however, here are the two most frequently asked questions among micro and small entrepreneurs:

“Why are people not interested in our social networks?”

“Why don’t we have visits on our website?”

To these constant questions (which are interconnected) we regret having to answer: Because few actions have been taken that are really in the right direction!

So let’s get started …

 Why are people not interested in our social networks?

Having a content strategy is much more than making publications selling something on Facebook and then “copying” on Instagram. The true successful brands strive to entertain, inspire and transmit knowledge in a consistent way because they know that only in this way will they create a loyal audience. When “everyone can be our customer” we are not directing our communication towards any specific segment and, thus, we are hardly able to create a true relationship. To want to reach everyone is not to reach anyone. Start by defining the target audience(s) and creating content that meets their interests!

Why don’t we have visits on our website?

In addition to all the technical issues that may be wrong in terms of generating traffic to a website and, no matter how much you invest in search engine promotion, when people realize they are being referred to a website of a company will try to sell them something, they just don’t move or move and quickly leave. People don’t want to be sold anything, they want to buy it. Start by working on your brand (attributes, values, identity) in order to create customer desire!

If it is undeniable that companies can (and should) capitalize on the fact that each individual between the ages of 16 and 64 spends an average of 145 minutes a day on social media (in Statista – January 2021), it is also evident that the return achieved will be proportional to the approach: the more professional the performance, the better the results!

DM7 February 2021


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